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We understand the importance of quality to our customers. Therefore, we developed our Quality Management System for every product line, with unrelenting focus on meeting the ever-changing market demands and customer requirements. All of our plants are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards, and we are dedicated to setting the benchmark for quality standards in our industry.

Strict and advanced manufacturing procedure and technology: By having consistent manufacturing technology, a hermetic manufacturing process, steady monitoring of the entire manufacturing process by technological department, and adjusting the process parameter in timely fashion all help us to guarantee a high quality product both in technology and hardware.

Inspection of raw and processed materials: Our raw materials all come from the same location, and we strictly select the suppliers according to our selective criterion. At the same time, we inspire our supplier to improve their product quality continuously until they conform to our requirements. Then, and only then, will we sign the contract with the eligible supplier.

Monitor the manufacturing process: The whole manufacturing process is hermetic so that it can avoid the contamination from the operator. By “Taking the next process as the customer”, this concept improves the quality control. Combined with the sampling inspection, manufacturing has established a systemic quality control procedure. According to the criterion, our inspectors implement sampling inspection in each working procedure from raw material, semi-manufactured products and finished products. The products that do not conform will be discarded before the next procedure. The full inspection will be held and the record will be filed previous to the package, in this process, the system of accountability is held. From the raw material to the final product, they will be inspected 7 times to provide the client with high quality product.

Client follow up and technical support: We build up a completed documentation for each client, in which, the raw material, process parameter and responsible person will be recorded for every client. We also keep the product samples for one to two years and will assign the service support technician to resolve problems and provide professional advice.


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Qingdao Hensen Graphite Co., Ltd|Spherical graphite|AA Method High Purity|Expandable Graphite