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Modernizing graphite industry and refined process of natural graphite
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1.     China’s status of natural graphite resources and graphite industry
Natural graphite is very important strategic resource.
Natural graphite is divided into crystalline graphite and cryptocrystalline graphite. Most of crystalline graphites in China are flake graphites, metamorphic minerals which are transformed from carbon rocks by geological process.                  Microcrystalline graphite has microsmall crystal size,generally less than 1 um. Our microcrystalline graphite is coal metamorphic mineral, and it is also called amorphous graphite or earthy graphite.

China has abundant natural graphite resources, especially crystal flake graphite. Its reserves, outputs and international trading amounts are number one in the world. China is a graphite big country.
But China is not a graphite power. We have to import some graphite products with hightechnology content from USA and Japan which do not have graphite resources. Statistics show that in the first half of 2004, China exported flake graphite products 53,300 tons, earning foreign exchanges 15.135 million U.S. dollars. Average price is 284 U.S. dollars / ton, while the corresponding period, China imported flake graphite processed products 45.1 tons,spending foreign exchanges 2.249 million U.S. dollars.Average price is 49.9 thousand U.S. dollars / ton. There is 175 times gaps. The statistics reflect China’s graphite insdustry status from an aspect.


China’s graphite industry has not gotten rid of frame of mineral resource industry under planned economic system, still adopting mill technic to produce initial products . Because our industrial system is backward, and demands for graphite resources in domestic and international market are increased, domestic graphite resources are ecxploited disorderly, wasting resources, cutthroat competition, low benefits and lack of funds.Since the late of the 1980s, outputs and exporting amounts increase, while price reduce and the whole benefits of graphite industry are reduces.
 As an industry, our natural graphite products’specialization, quality level and technical content fall behind that of developed countries, with unenlightened information and lack of market research. To a large extent, this industrial economy is controlled by shortterm benefits, so that industry develops ups and downs of the "Black Whirlwind". Recent years, due to rapid development of iron and metallurgy industry, price of graphite raw materials raises slightly. Disorder exploitation phenomenon is spreaded. This is a dangerous signal for industrial development.

【Modernizing graphite industry and refined process of natural graphite】
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