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Fuel cell bipolar plate and neotype graphite products
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Fuel cell is a power generation device which turns fuel’s chemical energy into electrical energy directly by electrochemical reaction method instead of burning. The fuels can be hydrogen, natural gas, petroleum liquefied gas, gas, methanol. Fuel cell has high efficiency, no pollution, short construction peroid and is easy to maintain. Fuel cell is not only the most promising automobile clearing power source,but also is widely used in space shuttles, submarines, underwater robots, communication systems, small and medium scale power plants, domestic power supply. In addition, fuel cell is suited to supply mobile and dispersing electric source and supply electricity for endusers, solving grid peak shaving. With the commercialization promotion of fuel cell, market prospects are very broad. It is predicted that fuel cell will become the fourth generation power generating method, following thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power. It will bring 21th century green revolution of new energy and environmental protection.

1.       research conditions of fuel cell battery technology both at home and abroad
Because fuel cell is the most promising clear energy in new century, it is the best product to replace traditional energy. The research and development of fuel cell battery technology are concerned by many governments and multinational corporations. US lists fuel cell battery technology as one of technologies involved national safty. Time lists fuel cell battery as the no.1 of ten hightechnologies in 21th century. Japanese government considers fuel cell technology as core of 21th century energy environmental field. Canada plans to develop fuel cell as national backbone industry. It is China important scientific and technological development special project during Ninth and Tenth FivePlan projects. This battery developed by our country has reached to car loading technology level, and we can compete with world developed countries. During Ninth FiveYear Plan Period, our country has listed proton exchange membrane fuel cell in key project of Science and Technology Development Plan. Dalian Chemical and Physical Institute is the leading unit, doing research on proton exchange membrane fuel cell battery materials and battery system and making great progress. Many sets battery groups and battery systems with 1kW2kW、5kW、10kW、30kW、40 kW、75 kW、100 kW and 150 kW are assembled. The developed battery groups have been applied in demonstration of electric bicycles, underwater robots, tracks, cars, minibus and bus. In general, China’s fuel cell battery is still in researching phase.Compared with foreign countries, government and corporation invested fund level is lower. Form world fuel cell battery rapidly developing trends, we can see that the first 10 years of this century is the important phase of fuel cell battery power technology commercialization and industrialization. Its technical practicality and production costs will get big progress. And the common promotion and application of fuel cell will lead a profound revolution in energy and related fields, promoting new industries formation and national economy rapid development.

【Fuel cell bipolar plate and neotype graphite products】
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