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Graphite is strategy and tactic related material
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We are familiar with the wide use of graphite in such as microcrystalline graphite electrodes, brush, batteries, lithium batteries, fuel cells cathode conductive material, anode plate, electrodes, carbon, graphite gasket, telephone parts, the rectifier cathode, the conductive plastic of electromagnetic shielding, heat exchanger components as well as the TV picture tube coating etc. 
Besides these mentioned applications, the most prospective application of graphite would be the very promising fuel battery which is under development and the low pollution battery such as lithium battery in the mobile and pocket PC. According to recent report, research by Professor Hironobu at the University of Hiroshima of Japan indicates that when graphite is imposed 23 Atmospheric, it can store hydrogen at room temperature, one kg graphite can stored 74 grams of hydrogen, which is 3 times of the practical level of hydrogen storage alloys.
Besides, graphite has advantages e.g.: it can be reused without weakening performance; if added small amount of special metals, it can  store hydrogen in temperatures lower than 100℃, and has exceeded the provisions specified by International Energy Agencys for 100 hydrogen storage technologies target 6% hydrogen storage capacity in temperature lower than 100℃. Professor Hironobu believe that, cheap price and higher security than hydrogen storage tank will make it more prospective to be used as hydrogen storage part for fuel battery. 
As reported, A highperformance titanium carbide coated graphite materials is now developed, as the titanium carbide is characterized by extremely hard wearresistant, so it is used to make parts which are extremely resistant to corrosion, high temperature and wear. The material can be, by changing the thickness of the coating, composition, microstructure and surface treatment to apply to different industries.  In the metal smelting industry, titanium carbidecoated graphite components can increase the life span of five times.
Currently, graphite based material had been developed for the use in electronic tube and high lubrication technique, and in many field of industry, graphite can replace asbestos; many countries are suspicious about the environmental factor for using asbestos in sealing and brake lining material, soft graphite can work as the substitute; Graphite is also widely used in automation, thermal radiation protection, nuclear energy industry and the production of a graphite bomb, rocket engine nozzle etc. Graphite is gradually taking place certain metal material and organic material, and its future development is broad.
At present, the fastest increasing market is the product from soft graphite production line such as graphite paper. Natural graphite, (especially flake graphite) has a bright consumption prospect in chemistry industry and electronic and electric industry such as color picture tube.
In this field, daily consumption of graphite is over 100,000 tons. It is said that a polysilicon solar cells with graphite paperbased film is in the development, its energy conversion efficiency of up to 13.4% (AM1.5G). Along with the strong economic recovery in the world of electrical and electronic industries, graphite consumption will have further increase.
In addition, with increased temperature and pressure, graphite crystal arranged in certain direction can be made into "orientation graphite," after a graphite orientation, its forward conductive properties can increase 1000fold.
Carbon fluoride (CG, GF) is largely used in high capacity battery material, especially the GF0.50.99GF, which is the best highenergy battery anode material and also reduce the size of battery.
【Graphite is strategy and tactic related material】
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