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Quality of Graphite
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Graphite is an allotrope of carbon element, the crystal of carbon element. According to different crystal degrees, graphite is divided into crystalline(flake) graphite and cryptocrystalline(earthy) graphite. Crystal graphite is divided into block graphite and crystal flake graphite. According to crystal size, crystalline graphite is divided into largeflake, mediumflake, and smallflake graphite.
   Graphite mineral belongs to hexgon crystal, with layered structure and special atomic structure. So graphite has series of special qualities. The bigger crystal is,the more complete structure is, the clearer quality is. The specific qualities are as follows:
1.       high temperature resisitance

Graphite is one of the most high temperature resistant materials. It can bear3800℃,the highest temperature. Even under super high temperature , graphite hardly loses its weight. Under 2000℃,strength of graphite will increased  1 times.
2.     electric and thermal conductivity
Graphite is 1 time higher than general nonmetallic metals in electric conductivity. The thermal conductivity is higher than iron, lead and other metals.  And, as the temperature increases, its thermal conductive coefficient will drop. Under extreme high temperature,graphite is in an insulation status. Then, under superhigh temperature conditions, the thermal insulation property of graphite is reliable.
3.       lubricity.
Graphite, as a special lubricating material, has excellent lubricating property. With change of graphite flake sizes, graphite’s lubricity will change. The bigger the flake is, the friction coefficient is lower, the better lubricity is.
4.       special property for resistance against heat and shock.
     Graphite may bear huge thermal variation at very high temperature without breaking the structure. There is no big change of volume and no cracks.
5.     chemical stability
Graphite has good chemical stability at normal temperature,resistant to organic solvent and acid corrosion.
6.     plasticity
Graphite has slices which are breathable and transparent. It is naturally hydrophobic. The highstrength graphite has great strength,even difficult to process with diamond cutter.

【Quality of Graphite】
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Qingdao Hensen Graphite Co., Ltd|Spherical graphite|AA Method High Purity|Expandable Graphite